Stained: Simplify Jacket

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This one was just for fun. I’m sharing it mostly as a starting point for anyone who wants to dig in and make their own theme for Simplify ($2.99 on the Mac App Store), a music controller for Spotify Desktop and iTunes.

If you want to try it out (and you use the Spotify Desktop client and Simplify), just download the file below and unzip it, then double click the Stained.jacket file. It will offer to install it; just click ok and then enable it in the Simplify preferences. There are 4 variations to play with. It has some quirks, but I don’t think it’s bad for an hour’s work.

If you want to hack into it, look in ~/Library/Application Support/Simplify after you install it and dig through the directories there. In one of the oddly named directories, you’ll find the Stained.jacket folder. All of the HTML, CSS, images and JavaScript that comprise the jacket will be in there. If you kill the Simplify app and then launch it from the command line with open -a --args --watch-jackets, it will reload every time you change a file in that directory. Very handy for design/debugging.

Stained - Simplify Jacket v1

A grungy polaroid Jacket for Simplify.

Published 11/04/11.

Updated 11/04/11. Changelog

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