Links of interest from February 1 through February 2:

What’s not to love about key-value models, custom events, collections and enumeration, views with declarative event handling, and a RESTful JSON interface? … My doctor says I have an MVC deficiency, anyway.
Duck Duck Go Zero-click Info API
Duck Duck Go is my new default search engine. I love it to death. The API for topic summaries and categories is pretty cool, too. Also see the Zero Click jQuery plugin for example usage.
Eight Ways to Combine Typefaces – Webdesigner Depot
Speaking of font combinations, there’s a great article today on Webdesigner Depot on the matter.
Kwisatz Haderach is the new Lorem Ipsum
Gotta love truly creative random text. Hat tip to Kelly!
Icon Search Engine – Iconfinder
Found this thanks to my network. Seriously, if you’re not using Pinboard… anyway, this is the absolute best icon search I’ve ever seen. Awesome. And neat… they have an API.
wp query - Custom Taxonomy WP_Query for All Terms in a Taxonomy? - WordPress - Stack Exchange
A class to extend WP_Query called PostsByTaxonomy which uses the ‘posts_join’ hook. Kind of self-explanatory, in a not-at-all sort of way.