I know it’s been less than a week since v1, but I made some major changes to md-lipsum that warrant a version 2.

Basically, I incorporated all of the API options from Loripsum.net, meaning you can now specify how many paragraphs and what elements are included. You can still get a full Markdown document with all elements using https://brettterpstra.com/md-lipsum/api/2/all. You can include /short, /medium, /long, or /verylong in the path to determine paragraph length (can be shortened to s, m, l, vl), and/or a number to determine the number of paragraphs. More paragraphs means more header levels, too. Example:

curl 'https://brettterpstra.com/md-lipsum/api/2/all/10/m'

If no parameters are given, e.g. the path is just /api/2, then all elements will be output with 5 paragraphs of medium length.

You can also control exactly what elements are included using additional path parameters. These are detailed on the project page.

Have fun!