Thanks to TextExpander for sponsoring again this week! Read on for some tips on avoiding the burnout associated with repetitive tasks.

Are you feeling burnt out? How would you even know? Here are some common signs:

  • Emotional exhaustion
  • A depletion of empathy, caring, and compassion
  • A decreased sense of accomplishment

One of the common causes of burnout is performing work that doesn’t matter. Repetitive, menial tasks that eat up your time but don’t offer any fulfillment. Things like filling out forms, typing the same code blocks over and over, and sending responses to common customer problems that are the junk food of work: they take up space but leave you feeling empty.

TextExpander kicks drudgery to the curb. Save up those boring little chunks of text you type over and over, turn them into Snippets, and then drop them in anywhere with a short trigger, freeing up your time for what actually matters.

Getting more sleep or hitting the gym are two other things that can alleviate stress and burnout. Another thing that can help is spending time outside. Let TextExpander handle the dull stuff so you can go enjoy this beautiful springtime weather. Get 20% off using the code TERPSTRA.

And if you can’t get away from your desk today, try this guided mindfulness exercise, which can help you regain your focus and your calm.

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TextExpander: Mindfulness Exercise for Preventing Burnout

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