I made a little web service back in 2015 and somewhere in the following 7 years I forgot about it. I’ve been adding title-casing to various projects and plugins and keep writing new code for it… which was the whole reason I built the API to begin with.

It just accepts a text string and returns an AP titlecased version as plain text. That’s it. No bells or whistles, but if you need to incorporate title casing into a script or a Shortcut or anything else that can make a quick call to the web, it’s a great answer.

Just make a call to https://brettterpstra.com/titlecase/?title=the%20text%20to%20titlecase, where title= contains the url encoded string you want to title case. You can play with it on the test page, which will also show you the url to use to get the same result.

That’s all. It’s a silly little thing, but if I’ve forgotten about it, I bet everyone else did, too, and it might just be handy for someone.