Thanks to TextExpander for sponsoring this week! I hate posting two sponsor posts in a row with nothing between, but I’ve been working hard on a few projects and haven’t had time to write any of them up since the last sponsorship. Fun updates coming soon! In the meantime, here’s a word from my favorite sponsor with a fresh new release to share.

Introducing TextExpander 7.0 - now available for download. The latest update brings a fresh, new experience that makes TextExpander easier to navigate, all wrapped up in a whole new streamlined look and feel.

In this version, you’ll discover a new interface that’s easier to use, more responsive, and offers functional improvements to make TextExpander a more interactive and engaging product. TextExpander 7.0 includes enhanced snippet suggestions, improved conflict management, better accessibility and more.

Check out what’s new in TextExpander 7.0 by getting TextExpander today - readers get 20% off their first year.