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Your email signature plays a significant role in your correspondence. It affects the tone of every email you write.

You still don’t have a signature, and don’t know where to start? Meet MailButler - professional email signature software & templates for Apple Mail.

With MailButler you can create email signatures by selecting between various templates. You can configure photo images, text and colors to define the signature’s individual style.

Emails that you send to your colleagues or business partners that end not just with your name, but with a proper signature, which includes extra information, look much more professional and trustworthy. This is a simple and reliable way to create a good business image of your company and yourself. Having a well-designed email signature makes the difference between a good corporate identity and a superb corporate identity.

Additionally, signatures created with MailButler are responsive and can be viewed easily on mobile devices.

Whether a professional-looking signature for your colleagues and business partners or a creative and beautiful one for friends and family – MailButler makes sure your email signatures unleash all of their secret superpowers!

By the way, with MailButler you get a lot more than just better email signatures. Other ways MailButler improves Apple Mail include scheduling, tracking, snoozing email, task tools, inbox pausing and more. If you use Apple Mail, you owe it to yourself to give MailButler a try.

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