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Teamwork is a great thing. It involves different people contributing their individual knowledge to the common goal. In practice, however, teamwork requires some decent management that brings all the ideas together. This is where the special team management tools in MailButler Business come into play. They’re specifically designed to keep your and your team’s email flow highly effective and productive.

Many of you have already heard about the productivity-boosting Mail plugin MailButler. It adds a variety of great features to Apple Mail, helping you get total control over your Inbox and saving you significant time every day. With MailButler you can easily schedule your emails, get detailed read receipts, and pause your inbox at any time. In addition, MailButler has amazing signature and message templates, and can be integrated with the leading cloud services.

Recently MailButler has released its new Business plan with a set of new features. One of them, Advanced Tracking, allows to see when, where, how often, with what kind of device, and in which email client your messages have been viewed. Attached files and links included in the email can be tracked in the same way.

Furthermore, MailButler provides its Business plan users with the sender’s detailed information, such as social media profiles, affiliations, etc. It can also automatically forward your messages for further processing to your preferred CRM tool, such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, or others.

Finally, MailButler offers a set of extremely useful Team Features: using a convenient dashboard, team managers can assign roles and tasks to team members, watch their activity and usage statistics, and share custom signatures or message templates.

MailButler Business can be customized to each team’s individual needs. It opens up completely new horizons, and is totally worth a try! For more information, see the MailButler Business page.

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