I have a couple of podcasts (Systematic, Overtired) that I do my own editing on. To save Moises over at ESN some time, I’ve been tagging the MP3 files. Not surprisingly, I decided I wanted to automate this process.

I wrote PodTagger to scratch the itch. It’s based on my own workflow, but it’s a pretty simple workflow that I think a lot of podcasters could integrate. It works like this:

  • Format show notes in a Markdown file
  • Add a YAML header with keys for title, episode number, etc.
  • Put the show notes file in the same folder as the final mp3
  • Run PodTagger and all of the keys I need are applied to the mp3, including episode info, artist, publisher, compilation/album info, artwork, etc.

For more details and download, see the project page! If you put it to use and have requests, feel free to add an issue on the GitHub page.