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Some posts of interest from September:

Share all your browser tabs at once (Sep 4th)
A Service/App for OS X to collect all your browser tabs into an HTML page on Dropbox that you can quickly share.
SearchLink 2.2.2 (Sep 8th)
Updates to my favorite OS X Service of all time.
An nvALT (and more) status report (Sep 14th)
What’s the deal?
“Dear Abby” for nerds? (Sep 16th)
I’m planning a newsletter. Share your ideas.
Quick and dirty JSON validation in Cocoa (Sep 22nd)
Just in case you ever need to evaluate a chunk of JSON or JavaScript for usable syntax within a Cocoa app.
Do it right: Writing about Apple (Sep 23rd)
Do you write about Apple products or document Apple software? Did you know Apple has a style guide to aid in consistency?
Grab sibling links with the Similarity bookmarklet (Sep 28th)
A browser bookmarklet that intelligently determines which links to collect based on the characteristics of the link you click. It’s perfect for opening or saving all of the “Top 15 resources for…” links in a post.

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