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You get a couple of bonus links this week because my script got carried away. Technology!

PodCon 2015
On Thursday, October 8, 2015 I’ll be joining a distinguished bunch of podcasters for Pod Con 2015. 4 hours of live broadcasting via blab.im about how and why we do what we do. Head over and RSVP!
Did you know NASA has an API?
Hack: A typeface designed for source code
My new favorite text editor font. I still use Meslo in apps like nvALT, mostly because it has versions with different linespacing, but in Sublime and Xcode, this is excellent.
Sheetsu adds an API layer to Google Spreadsheet. I’ve been doing this the hard way for a long time, as Google Docs is what drives iTextEditors. Looking forward to exploring the possibilities here.
DevTools Tips For Sublime Text Users
Google Developers offers a rundown of cool tricks in Chrome DevTools that will already be familiar to Sublime Text users. Port your muscle memory!
Quiver: The Programmer’s Notebook
I’m playing with this right now. It allows you to save snippets with cells set to various types (text, markdown, code w/language), and stores them as JSON objects in text files. Thus, you can mix Markdown and code snippets, copy them out, tag them, and even has a presentation mode. It has a few missing features, but shows promise.
Sketch Repo
This is an excellent collection of Sketch.app templates, icons, and UI elements. Also, when you’re on this site, just start typing any search term (no input box needed). It’s cool.

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