First, thanks to the December sponsors!

Some posts of interest from December:

Bookmarklet: Clean highlighted code for copying (Dec 1st)
A bookmarklet for people who like to collect code examples from websites but get bogged down dealing with syntax highlighter markup.
iTunesIcon 2.2 (Dec 9th)
Updated version of my script for grabbing icons for iTunes and Mac App Store apps, with a fix for grabbing only small versions of the images.
Tips for Screencasting (Dec 10th)
Useful tips for speeding up screencast creation, especially with ScreenFlow.
The TitleCase API (Dec 15th)
Introducing a simple API for capitalizing headlines, fit for use in workflows on both desktop and iOS.
Taking advantage of YouTube music on Mac and iOS (Dec 17th)
A couple of new options for grabbing and streaming music from YouTube.
A Hyper Key that can still YELL (Dec 18th)
Do you like the Hyper key idea, but still want a Caps Lock?
HomeKit with older home automation devices (Dec 21st)
This was my most exciting discovery of the month. Integrating Siri into my aging home automation system is huge for me.
Kitchen coding (Dec 29th)
LifeHacker and Hacker News seemed to like my thoughts on the parallels between cooking and coding. Maybe you will too.

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