For a long time I mistakenly associated CleanMyMac with MacKeeper in my head. The latter is awful, let’s not talk about them. CleanMyMac, on the other hand, has proven to be a powerful — and safe — tool for reclaiming disk space. Version 3 was released today and includes some powerful new features.

The “auto-scan” that CleanMyMac performs covers an array of cleaning tasks that remove files you may not even have realized were taking up space. You’re able to verify every deletion before it proceeds, and it uses an extensive whitelist to avoid damaging any files your system or applications require. It scours everything from cache files and logs to Mail attachments, and even extra application binaries and language files you don’t need. It cleans up old iTunes backups, broken downloads and more.

It also has maintenance features now, including permissions repair, Spotlight reindexing, and Mail database vacuuming. A privacy can clear out chat logs, browser histories, and other evidence you might not want on your system if your computer is compromised.

One of the interesting features is a helper application that sits in your menubar and monitors things like available memory, hard drive space, and overall system health. It lets you know when it might be able to help, shows you when an app is using way too much memory, and even lets you know when your trash needs emptying (and can do it for you with one click).

The new version of CleanMyMac is selling for $39.95 US. Current users can receive 50% off on an upgrade. A free trial and more info is available at the CleanMyMac website.