iBetterCharge: remember to charge your iDevices

I frequently forget about charging my iPhone and iPad until I’m headed out the door (or already in the car). I could add repeating reminders to OmniFocus or Calendars or something, but Softorino has a far better solution: iBetterCharge.

This free utility will track the battery levels of your devices over your wifi network. When a battery gets down to a percentage you set, it will pop up a notification and optionally play a sound and animate the menu bar icon. It can also notify you when your battery reaches 100%.

The setup is pretty magical. You just have to enable “Sync over Wifi” for your device in iTunes, connect it once over USB, and iBetterCharge will start tracking it. You can choose to ignore specific devices on the network, if needed. After that, you’ll never again pull out your iPad to read in bed only to find it has about 5 minutes of life left in it.

As I said, iBetterCharge is free, and I can attest to its effectiveness. If you’ve ever suffered from charge-forgetfulness, check it out. There’s a video demonstration on YouTube, as well.

Brett Terpstra

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