ForkLift is a file manager which — in my opinion — doesn’t get mentioned nearly often enough. It combines the best features of file managers such as Path Finder, Finder extensions like TotalFinder, and FTP apps like YummyFTP and Transmit. It offers blazing fast remote file transfers and management with great tools for local file navigation.

There’s a long list of features, but a few of my favorites:

  • Tabbed, dual-pane navigation
  • Cmd-Shift-G provides a dropdown for tab completion when navigating folders via the keyboard
  • Create custom tools using Unix scripts and have them available in the contextual menu.For example, I have tools for sharing files using StrongSpace and for quickly opening documents in Marked
  • Remote editing of text files and source code is fast and surprisingly smooth
  • Fully-customizable keyboard shortcuts for every feature
  • Easy keyboard navigation between panes and tabs
    • Assign shortcuts to any favorites you add
    • Add favorites groups
  • Save your “workspaces” and window setups
  • A “Stacks” feature for collecting files from multiple locations
    • Easily create and destroy multiple “stacks”
  • Keyboard selection mode which allows for selecting and performing actions on files and folders without ever touching the mouse

ForkLift also creates FTP droplets, handles dual local/remote browsing and folder sync, provides an array of compression formats, S3/WebDAV support, Growl integration, and FXP support (copying files between servers without downloading locally).

It even provides filtering and searching options in addition to normal Spotlight capabilities, as well as some very cool batch file renaming features.

Just because I like you all so much, I have five free copies of ForkLift ($19.99 US value) to hand out. Enter below (Quebec residents excluded) to have a chance at one. One entry per person, duplicates will be terminated by the Giveaway Robot. Five (5) winners will be drawn randomly on Friday, Sept. 13th at 12:00pm CDT.

Check out ForkLift on the Mac App Store, and feel free to download a free trial to take for a spin. And don’t forget, there’s still one more day to enter the BusyCal giveaway!

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.