Giveaway: 5 codes for Yoink

I first mentioned Yoink back in 2011, and I’ve run it every day since. It’s a small utility that shows up when you start dragging files and gives you a convenient shelf to collect them on until you’re ready to drag them out into another folder or application. It’s extremely handy.

I ran one giveaway for Yoink shortly after its release, but it’s time for more: Eternal Storms has provided 5 7 more Yoink codes to hand out. It’s a $4.99 utility on the App Store, and worth every penny, but you can sign up below for a chance at a free copy.

Open to all readers, email required, giveaway ends on Friday, May 16th at 12pm CST.

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.

Brett Terpstra

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