App Santa 2017 supports AppCamp4Girls

Just a note that this year’s App Santa has gone live with savings of up to 80% on award-winning apps from independent developers until December 26th. And 25% of the Affiliate revenue goes to AppCamp4Girls, one of my favorite organizations and a very worthy cause.

Note: all links in this post are linked to Realmac’s affiliate token, so purchasing from a link here will directly benefit AppCamp4Girls, not me.

Here’s a list of apps included in the sale:

iOS Games: Hidden Folks, Mini Metro, SmartOthello, Alto’s Adventure, Conduct AR!, Tengami, Steredenn, Shadowmatic, Prune, and Burly Men at Sea.

iOS Apps: Twitterrific, Star Walk 2, Halide , WaterMinder, Green Kitchen, Chronicle, Castro, Deliveries, Tap Forms 5 Organizer, Screens, and Linea.

Mac Apps: Twitterrific, Deliveries, Screens, Focused, Chronicle, Paste, Unclutter, and Tap Forms 5 Organizer.

Check out the apps and support AppCamp4Girls!

Brett Terpstra

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