Realmac has been experiencing some customer confusion surrounding Clear, their popular to-do list app. The iOS version has diverged into Clear and Clear+, and they ceased updates to the original Clear while keeping it on the App Store. It upset existing customers, and confused new ones.

Because Apple doesn’t provide any way to migrate users, Realmac’s solution is to make a new, re-consolidated version of Clear and offer it for free for short periods of time. It will almost certainly mean some financial loss on their part, but they’re making it apparent that they feel it’s the “right thing” to do. Given there aren’t any other (obvious) choices, I applaud the decision.

There will be two periods where Clear is free. The goal is to migrate all existing Clear and Clear+ customers to the new version. You can sign up to receive announcements of the sale periods and read more about the decision in Realmac’s letter to customers.