Counters• is an app for counting things. Any things. It lets you set up unlimited color-coded tallies, each with their own settings, and quickly access them to increment, decrement, or reset their counts.

I have a soft spot for Tally from Agile Tortoise, but Counters• is a beautiful alternative. The detailed design is both gorgeous and usable.

Each counter can have its own up, down and reset increments. If you need to up the count by five with each tap, its an easy task. You can set the color for a counter for easy visual recognition in the list view as well. When a counter is loaded, it takes the full screen, so you can count without looking at your phone.

You can have the app click with each tally, speak the totals to you, or remain silent. You can even have it vibrate on tap so you know its working when you’re not looking at it.

Reminders are a handy feature, too, allowing you to make sure you keep track of events that happen at intervals. You can also attach a badge showing specific totals to the home screen icon for keeping track of important tallies.

An x-callback-url (countersapp://) makes it easy to integrate into Launch Center Pro and other apps.

Counters• is an elegant solution to keeping track of anything you need to count. Did I mention it’s also really good looking? Check it out in the App Store, where you can pick up a copy for $1.99 US.