I’m going to try doing recap posts of articles on the blog for the previous week. On slower blogging weeks they’ll be a little short, but I think they’ll be useful for people who want a very low-traffic way to keep up with what I consider the most interesting, and a way to spot something you might have missed over the course of a busy week.

They’ll be published on Wednesdays, and there’s an RSS feed that you can use to get notifications for just these posts. You can also bookmark the collection if you want to check back manually.

Some posts of interest from the last week:

Sponsor: The PDFpen family from Smile (Feb 13th)
A big thanks to this week’s sponsor, the PDFpen Family from Smile.
Quick Tip: Automating your Mac’s wifi power (Feb 15th)
Riddle me this: why would you want to script your wi-fi state? If you have an answer, here’s your solution.
iTunesIcon 2.1 with easy icon sizing (Feb 16th)
iTunesIcon, my script/application for fetching and saving any iTunes App Store or Mac App Store application icon is coming along nicely. The latest update lets you specify the returned icon size with a simple syntax.
Automating dynamic date math in TextExpander (Feb 17th)
This was a fun one: you can insert relative dates into TextExpander snippets automatically when they run.
SearchLink 2.1 (Feb 18th)
SearchLink, my System Service for looking up web links while writing without leaving your editor took a leap forward this week. If you write in Markdown, it’s an awesome tool, but the latest version adds additional formats and capabilities that should be of interest to everyone.
Remote pbcopy on OS X systems (Feb 19th)
A handy tip for anyone who works over SSH connections. Make pbcopy clip to your local clipboard when run on a remote system.

Recaps are a quick, curated summary of one week’s posts on this site. You can keep up on the site with RSS, or subscribe specifically to the Recaps and get weekly updates in digest format.