Thanks to ManyTricks for sponsoring this week.

You may know of ManyTricks as the developers of Moom, my window manager of choice1. Moom makes the green button on your application windows do some very cool things, like resizing your window to an array of dimensions and screen positions with a click. It can also save window layouts you can trigger with a hotkey, or even automatically load them when you connect or disconnect a display. It also includes tools for moving windows across displays, and you can assign any action to a keyboard shortcut.

They make so much more than just Moom, though, and there are a few you should check out.

Name Mangler is a batch file renamer, now in version 3. It features multi-step renaming for complex tasks and can handle thousands of files in seconds.

Witch has been around for a long time and is still one of the coolest replacements for the built in task switcher. Instead of using Command-Tab to switch apps, you can set it to bring up a list of open windows, and switch windows instead.

Desktop Curtain hides desktop clutter by displaying an image over not only your desktop icons and wallpaper, but over inactive windows as well. You can toggle it on and off via hot key, and choose from your own images or use the current system desktop picture. I’m loving this one for screencasting, but it’s also great just for concentration.

There are more: Usher is a great way to manage and view your movies. Time Sink is a simple app that tracks window titles and lets you create “pools” of activities for tracking your time. The impressive Butler is a utility that brings multiple clipboards, iTunes control, app launching, scripting and more.

And yes, there’s even more beyond that.

It’s an impressive collection. You can find them all at the ManyTricks website, and you can download a free trial for any of them. Then you can then buy them directly or in the App Store.

Thanks again to ManyTricks for supporting, and cheers to independent developers. You can follow @manytricks to keep up with all they do!

  1. I have so many shortcuts set up, I had to make a Cheaters cheat sheet for myself to get them memorized.