I updated the GrabLinks bookmarklet one more time tonight, and anyone with it currently installed should start seeing the changes immediately. If you still need it, drag the link below to your toolbar.


  • Updated jQuery to stable head, fixed injection in some situations
  • Removed padding changes on hover, too messy
  • Avoid capturing Tweet This, ADN and Facebook Share links

Full source is up on GitHub and will always include the recent changelog at the top. The bookmarklet loads straight from there and updates automatically when I make changes, so you may see behaviors differ between one use and the next (hopefully always for the better). Suggestions? Have your people call my people.

Before I head for bed, I thought I’d show off what GrabLinks and the Open URL Service are good for. Then I thought I’d make a better intro and that got out of hand. Motion and GarageBand have ruined this in a spectacular way.

YouTube Video
That is totally not the right music for that intro.

I might as well make a project page for this. Sooner or later Sooner, I guess.