Coughbutton 1.3 (with 100% more Skype)

Coughbutton, my podcaster’s iPhone-based cough button for your Mac, has been upgraded to 1.3 and undergone a major switcharoo. It now works with Skype (and, by default, only with Skype), which is all I really needed anyway.

I found (during the podcast I recorded last night) that with the separate channel that Skype uses, MuteMyMic was failing on some USB microphones within Skype. Directly muting Skype also has the benefit that I can send ON/OFF commands instead of just toggling and hoping everything stays in sync.

More reliable, more practical and made with real sugar.

Coughbutton 1.3 on Github.

Brett Terpstra

Brett is a writer and developer living in Minnesota, USA. You can follow him as ttscoff on Twitter, GitHub, and Mastodon. Keep up with this blog by subscribing in your favorite news reader.

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