I’m putting a renewed focus on Overtired right now. Setting up more social media accounts, getting our episodes out on YouTube, amping up cross-promotions, and refining the podcast itself. I’ve got a great editing workflow down and it’s replicable, so now I can share the responsibilities with others without worrying about losing quality. I’m working to automate as many of the editing and promotion tasks as I can so that we can focus on making a great podcast and still maintain our day jobs.

If you’ve never listened, or haven’t for a while, now’s a great time to dig back in. The last few episodes really highlight where we’re going with the show.

We’ve really honed in on mental health as our driving force. We’ve long had a “Mental Health Corner” segment, but now it’s a weekly thing and I’ve really appreciated the feedback from listeners. If nothing else, I think that talking about it does a service, and I’m happy to be a part of that. We’re no longer a Taylor Swift podcast that also talks about tech and maybe mentions ADHD, now we’re a mental health podcast that also talks about tech and only occasionally mentions Taylor Swift. Or Miley. It’s a notable shift.

We added Jeff Severns Guntzel as a co-host a little while back, and the show has been better for it. I’ve known Jeff for a long time now, and we always have great conversations. I was thrilled to find that he conversed with Christina just as easily as he did with me, and there’s a whole dynamic with the two of them that is something completely different than the ones between Jeff and me or Christina and me. Again, a notable shift, and one that emboldens me to build our listener base.

Also a shout out to Backbeat Media, who tirelessly sell our ads. We’re not the biggest show on the network, and we swear a lot, focus on non-tech issues, and make ourselves generally unmarketable, yet Backbeat rises to the challenge. The ads Dave and company sell on our show have kept us going. Side note, I may additionally add a Patreon in the future, if there’s interest.

Once I have all the social accounts set up, I’ll start promoting those here and elsewhere, so stay tuned. Right now you can follow:

I’ll be posting snippets and clips here. I’m able to select text from the transcript in Descript and output an “audiogram” to Headliner to generate visually interesting reels, complete with captions. I aim to find at least one compelling clip per episode, more when I can. I’d appreciate any followers I can get right now, but will hopefully be adding content regularly and building up the presence.
I’ll also be ramping up our Twitter presence, with clips, more regular tweets, and conversations with listeners. If you don’t already follow us but listen to the podcast, this one should be a given.
We have a growing community on Discord. Currently free to join, and I’d love to see more conversations happening there. Mental health, queer issues, and Taylor Swift are all welcome topics.
We’ll be publishing clips and full episodes to YouTube. I’m told it’s the hottest place for podcast discovery and audience growth right now, and I can pretty much automate the process with Headliner. I have high hopes for this one. Subscribe now and you’ll be able to say “I’ve been a follower since before it was cool.”

And of course, you can subscribe to Overtired a ton of ways, pick the one that works for you.

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