Hey, welcome to another week of podcasts!

On Systematic this week I was joined by Kelly Guimont. Since her last visit, she’s become an Operations Manager for Technolutionary. We talked a bit about her work, tech support, and before long we got into some of her true loves: Star Wars and fiber arts. The lighthearted conversation we all need right now (at least in the US), and Kelly is always a delight.

Overtired 212 was recorded on election day, prior to knowing any results at all. We predicted exactly what’s happened, though it didn’t take a pair of geniuses to guess how things were going to turn out. So we don’t take too much credit for stating the obvious. Among the spread of other toppics, we also get into the mental health concerns that so many people have surrounding election season. Worth a listen to even if it’s not technically “Live Election Coverage.”

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