VoodooPad: Static Publishing
Coming in the next release, Gus Mueller’s own static blogging engine for VoodooPad.
Tweet Archivist - Analyze, Archive, Save and Export Twitter Searches
This seems like it could be fun for analyzing Twitter data. I’ve played around with it a bit and found some interesting results; mostly, though it just gave me ideas for projects of my own…
4bit. Terminal Color Scheme Designer
Great interactive theme designer (via One Thing Well, as is often the case[^otw]). You can convert the .Xresources files it creates to iTerm 2 presets using a script like this.
BigVideo.js - The jQuery Plugin for Big Background Video
Oh man, that’s pretty cool. Scary… like a potential <blink> tag on steroids, but very cool.
Are you (like me) trying to figure out which JavaScript MVC framework to really start diving into? This is a great way to compare them: the same small todo app built in every library from Vanilla JS to Backbone and KnockoutJS.

Markdown bonus round

The world of Markdown editing is getting crazy, and by that I mean it’s like a 3-day long New Years Eve party where every hour is midnight[^nye]. Well, kinda. The upcoming version 3.0 of Ulysses is going to put a new spin on plain text editing and the recent betas of FoldingText are a spectacular nerdfest. I’ve linked them before, but they’re really worth checking out. I’ll gush more about FoldingText soon.