I’ve posted Slogger 2 to Github. It’s not finished, polished or perfect in any way, but I’m low on time and wanted to at least make it available if anyone wants to pitch in. If you have no idea what Slogger is or why anyone in their right mind would name something that, here’s the origin story.

The current download version is stable and works fine for me. It should be usable immediately. If you’ve been running the original Slogger, you’ll want to start fresh (back up your folder and replace it with the new one). There’s not an easy upgrade path and the config file needs to regenerate with a new format.

The biggest change—aside from bugfixes—is that it’s now plugin-based. You can add and remove services by moving plugins between folders (plugins and plugins_disabled). You can also create your own plugins using the plugin_template.rb file as a base, and copying what you want from the base plugins.

An excellent resource has been pulled together by rreeger that lists a bunch of available RSS feeds for various services that you can use with the RSS Feeds plugin or for building your own plugins. Build lots of plugins, and submit them for inclusion. I’d love it.

I’m unhappy with the architecture of the system right now, but there’s no chance I’ll have time to revamp in the near future. If anyone wants to help me figure out the inheritance issues involved with reading a folder of plugins and building a unified configuration object, feel free to revamp the core and submit pull requests.

So, in short, it’s working and it’s pretty cool, but it’s not finished. I’m even less likely than before to offer a lot of support, so if you’re nervous about trying it out, I’d recommend against it. If you’re comfortable on the command line, have at it. If you know a bit of Ruby, pitch in.

Slogger 2 is on Github. Please post issues there and not in the comments here. If you do, you’re fired.