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Deckset on the App Store
Just when I thought Deckset was dead, an iOS version is announced. Create presentations using Markdown, now on your iPhone/iPad.
iA Presenter
A newer option for Markdown-based presentations (from the creators of iA Writer and based on the same engine) that I think this might be even better than Deckset. Going to give it a test run for a while, but off the bat it looks really slick.
macOS 13+ only, a simple command line interface to the OS’s built-in OCR and transcription frameworks. The OCR works really well. Really, really well (I’m using it to add automatic ALT tags to Dimspirations and it deals with text in crazy fonts on crazy backgrounds). I haven’t gone far with testing the audio transcription, but I have high expectations.
Ground News
This is advertised on almost every YouTube channel I subscribe to, so I decided to check it out. It’s really good. If you want to break out of your news bubble and understand what the other side is hearing and thinking, Ground News provides all kinds of tools for doing so. Highly recommended. I’m trying to get my parents to use it, but even if they don’t, it helps me see the headlines that are going to affect them in their bubble so I’m not shocked when topics come up that I’ve seen no trace of previously.

I do all of my screenshots and screen recordings with CleanShot X. I love it to pieces. You should get it.