Web excursions: February 19 - February 22

Links of interest from February 19 through February 22:

Using HTML5 To Transform WordPress’ TwentyTen Theme - Smashing Magazine
Ready to start using HTML5? Some solid arguments for, with good examples of how.
The Difference Between jQuery’s .bind(), .live(), and .delegate() - Alfa Jango Blog
I know the basics of optimizing these, but this article really helps you understand why to use the various jQuery bindings.
Why You’re a Bad PHP Programmer – Nettuts+
I don’t rank so hot on this. This post is an impetus for my personal improvement in all areas of coding.
Neven Mrgan’s tumbl: iChat Masterpiece Theatre
Ok, it’s not useful, but it’s really funny.
jQuery SuperTextArea Plugin
Sure is a useful plugin, despite the odd web design choices.
textmate/s5.tmbundle - GitHub
More HTML/Markdown slideshow fun. I wish the templates weren’t as ugly, but the notes and previews in a separate window is killer.
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