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Links of interest from November 12 through November 17:

Editing your Google Docs on the go - Official Google Docs Blog
"We’re excited that the new documents editor now supports editing on your mobile browser." (includes iPhone and iPad!)
jQuery’s Data Method – How and Why to Use It – Tutorialzine
Great rundown on .data(). I’m especially intrigued by the event handlers, which I haven’t previously taken advantage of.
LinkThing - Safari Extensions by Canisbos
A very cool extension that provides some of my favorite Tab functionality from Glims. Open tab to the right or left of current, plus a lightweight "status bar" that just shows you the url for links, allowing you to hide the real status bar if that’s all you need it for.
960px grid templates — Robbie Manson
Photoshop and Fireworks 960 Grid templates, filling in the blanks from 3 columns to 16 columns (and everything between). For people who need a little more flexibility than the average framework offers.

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