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Links of interest from November 18 through November 19:

Google Voice Add-on Development « Post Topic - Open For Discussion
Includes a list of endpoints for the Google Voice API, great fun for curl fans.
Sending a Google Voice SMS using PHP – sudocode
Send SMS messages via PHP. Takes a little tweaking, in my experience, but works well from the command line. I’m working up a version that throws fewer errors and takes command line arguments…
Starter – Jumpstart Your jQuery Plugin Development
Cool little web app for creating a jQuery plugin skeleton with your own classname, namespace and options.
How to create a mobile WordPress theme with jQuery Mobile - CatsWhoCode.com
A tutorial on creating a mobile-optimized WordPress theme using jQuery Mobile.
Cocoa with Love: A deployment script for a generic Cocoa Mac application
A combination bash/perl/Applescript to handle committing code into a repository, updating version numbers and packaging the application as a DMG disk image.

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