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Links of interest from November 10 through November 12:

WordPress Hidden Gems: checked(), selected(), and disabled()
useful functions that aren’t listed in the Codex: checked(), selected(), and disabled().
Insync - Awesome sync technology for Gmail™ and Google Apps™ users
This is awesome. It’s Dropbox for your Google Docs. Instant two-way sync and full .doc and .xls conversion. Plus, share files directly from Finder!
Putting FTP Info in wp-config.php to Ease Updates
"If you just want to fix it and not fiddle with plugins or fancy server altering techniques […] you can provide [FTP] details in your wp-config.php file and auto upgrading will be back to ‘just working’."
Backup Your Wordpress Blog to Dropbox! - Surfbits’s posterous
wpTimeMachine is another useful WordPress plugin that makes it easy for you to backup your entire WordPress blog to your Dropbox account.
jaz303’s tipsy at master - GitHub
A Facebook-style tooltip plugin for jQuery, and my new favorite tooltip plugin in general. Compact tooltips, flexible selectors and almost nil overhead. Awesome.
Panic Blog » 15 Secrets of Transmit 4
Some awesome tips for making the most of Transmit 4. I’m actually back to using Transmit after a bout of loud complaining. Most issues are resolved, and it really is fast (and pretty).

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