I’ve updated mdless to 2.0. Well, 2.0.5 at this point. It’s a complete overhaul of the command line Markdown parser/viewer.

It’s been a pretty popular project, and is being used on all kinds of OSs, but it got frustrating as the whole thing was based on regular expressions for parsing and users expected it to handle some more complex markup than it could. So for the reboot, I switched to using RedCarpet for parsing, then added my own terminal handling to that via a custom renderer and pre/post processing.

Table cleanup is better than ever. Footnotes can still be displayed directly after the paragraph that references them, or at the end of the display. Code highlighting (with Pygments) is more accurate than ever. Ordered lists are properly numbered, regardless of the numbering in the Markdown. There are a few differences in the way things like code blocks nested in lists are displayed (they’re no longer indented), but overall it’s a big step up.

If you’re into Markdown and spend time in the Terminal, let mdless display those README files for you, rather than opening up a dedicated viewer or editor with a preview. See the project page for more details and installation instructions.

Update: Just pushed a new version that allows for links to be output in reference format (--links ref) or as per-paragraph references (--links para). Inline links is the default (--links inline). This setting can be made permanent by editing ~/.config/mdless/config.yml.