More Markdown, Less less

mdless is a utility that provides a formatted and highlighted view of Markdown files in Terminal.

I often use iTerm2 in visor mode, so qlmanage -p is annoying. I still wanted a way to view Markdown files quickly and without cruft.


  • Built in pager functionality with pipe capability, less replacement for Markdown files
  • Format tables
  • Colorize Markdown syntax for most elements
  • Normalize spacing and link formatting
  • Display footnotes after each paragraph
  • Inline image display (local, optionally remote) if using iTerm2 2.9+
  • Syntax highlighting when pygmentize is available
  • List headlines in document
  • Display section of the document via headline search


gem install mdless


mdless [options] path or cat [path] | mdless

The pager used is determined by system configuration in this order of preference:

  • $PAGER
  • git config --get-all core.pager
  • less
  • more
  • cat
  • pager


-s, --section=TITLE              Output only a headline-based section of 
                                 the input
-w, --width=COLUMNS              Column width to format for (default 80)
-p, --[no-]pager                 Formatted output to pager (default on)
-P                               Disable pager (same as --no-pager)
-c, --[no-]color                 Colorize output (default on)
-l, --list                       List headers in document and exit
-i, --images=TYPE                Include [local|remote (both)] images in 
                                 output (requires imgcat and iTerm2, 
                                 default NONE)
-I, --all-images                 Include local and remote images in output 
-h, --help                       Display this screen
-v, --version                    Display version number

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