Thanks to MacUpdater for sponsoring this week! I’m a dedicated user and swear by this app for keeping my system updated. The latest version just makes everything even easier.

MacUpdater scans and displays all installed software on your Mac — see at a glance which apps or plugins are out of date, and click to automatically update them!

  • MacUpdater provides version information for over 60,000 apps (and growing) and over 6,000 of the most popular apps can be updated directly from within MacUpdater with a single click
  • MacUpdater also now supports automatic, zero-click PKG installs
  • The Pro edition adds support for audio and media plugins
  • MacUpdater is flexible — you can control MacUpdater from the main app, the menubar, or the command line
  • It’s a universal build and fully compatible with Apple Silicon

What’s new in MacUpdater 3

  • Optional zero-click, fully-automatic, scheduled app updates (PRO)
  • Added Apple-silicon migration assistant to help move to new Macs
    • Find out which of your Rosetta-based apps could be ‘Apple Silicon’-native if you update or upgrade to the latest version
    • Find out which of your ‘Rosetta’ based apps could be Silicon-native if you reinstall them
  • Track supported branches other than the ‘Latest Version’
    • When an app vendor also supports an old branch of an app with further updates, users have the choice of either using the latest version or tracking the updates to the major version which they are using
    • You can see a list of apps that currently support this feature (more will be added based on user requests)
  • Select how apps should be updated (auto, custom updater, manual update)
  • Attach and display Finder-compatible tags and comments to your apps, and support custom homepages or updater apps via clickable comments

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