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This roundup got a little ChatGPT heavy, but with the release of the API on March 1st and the promise of a free-to-use version moving forward, seems like a good time to start exploring integrations.

Integrate ChatGPT into Slack using Cloudflare Workers. Nice proof of concept, and totally usable.
Scribble Diffusion
Turn your sketch into a refined image using AI. This is actually a really cool way to generate very specific AI images, using a rough sketch and a short description to get results closer to what I’m imagining (I’m not great at prompts). Fast sketch-to-image render times, too.
First look: Mac mini with M2 Pro
MacStadium’s Brian Stucki gives a first look at (and teardown of) the Mac mini with M2 Pro.
Using ChatGPT with BetterTouchTool
Andreas offers some ways to integrate ChatGPT and OpenAI into your system using BetterTouchTool. I swear that app can do anything.
Drafts ChatGPT Conversation Action
Use ChatGPT in Drafts.

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