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Review versions of text and image files—and even folders full of files—with the world’s most powerful file comparison app.

Kaleidoscope gives you powerful tools to use at each stage of the development cycle. 

Compare directories side by side: With powerful data filtering, Kaleidoscope makes it easy to filter for what you are looking for and drill down to see more. 

Version Control: View grouped changes from Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Bazaar, or Perforce in one clear changeset.

Xcode Debugger: Use the new ksp and kspo debug commands to send any debug output to Kaleidoscope.

Unix Tooling: Integrate the ksdiff tool with the power of the command line. Send anything that can be written to a file or a Unix pipe to Kaleidoscope for inspection.

Three-Way Merge: Working on a branch? Let Kaleidoscope help you merge your changes cleanly and easily on first attempt. 

Works with content from anywhere: Kaleidoscope accepts content no matter where it’s located. Drag and drop files and folders, or use the Clipboard, macOS Services, the Share menu, or the command line, as well as many pre-configured integrations.

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