I put out version 2.1.0 of the Gather CLI today. It adds a couple of fixes and one feature that I think is worth mentioning.

Gather has a lot of command line options. This makes it very flexible, but it’s a PITA to remember all of the settings for a specific action. With v2.1+ you can add --save NAME to a long command to save it with a name, and then recall those flags and switches with --config NAME next time you run it.

For example, if you have a command such as:

gather --min-upvotes 1 --include-comments --metadata --nvu-add --fallback-title "Web Capture %date" https://brettterpstra.com/2023/01/16/searchlink-better-searches-better-results/ --save nvu

The --save nvu at the end will save all previous switches in the command. In the future I can just run:

gather --config nvu <URL>

To save a command you do have to have a valid call, which means you must include --stdin, --paste, or pass a URL as an argument in the command. The URL provided is not stored, only the command line options used in the call (meaning if the command uses --stdin, future calls to that config will also require STDIN input).

The config files are stored as YAML in ~/.config/gather/configs/*.yml. These files can be edited by hand, and you can duplicate a file with a new name to create a new config manually. The --config NAME flag just searches for a NAME.yml file in this directory, so it doesn’t have to be created with the --save flag.

The nvu.yml file created by the command above looks like:

acceptedOnly: false
fallbackTitle: Web Capture %date
file: ''
html: false
includeComments: true
includeSource: true
includeTitle: true
inlineLinks: false
metadata: true
metadataYaml: false
minUpvotes: 1
nvAdd: false
nvUrl: false
nvuAdd: true
nvuNotebook: ''
nvuUrl: false
paragraphLinks: true
paste: false
readability: true
stdin: false
titleOnly: false
unicode: true
urlOpen: false
urlTemplate: ''

You can use --config NAME in Shortcuts/Services. You’ll need to define the configuration on the command line (or manually create it), but can then reference it from anywhere you can call Gather.

To update to the latest version, download the package below. If you’ve successfully installed via Homebrew, you should be able to just run brew upgrade gather-cli.

Gather CLI v2.1.6

A Frankenstinian combination of html2text and Arc90 Readability. This command line tool makes clipping web pages into Markdown text without ads and comments simple.

Published 01/04/12.

Updated 09/18/23. Changelog

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