I got a request to add a --title-only option to Gather. Makes sense; when you’re using it to save Markdown to notes, you’d want the title of the page to be the title of the note. You could parse that out of the Markdown version in several ways, but in some cases it might be easier to just call gather --title-only URL and get an undecorated string back. So that’s been added in v2.0.29.

That got me to thinking, though… I clip all my notes to nvUltra. I’ve been trying to convince Fletcher that we should build a web clipper into nvUltra, but until then I’ve been using Gather to create Markdown notes out of web pages I want to reference. So, for purely selfish reasons, I’ve added a couple of commands to Gather that will markdownify a page and create a titled note all in one fell swoop (using nvUltra’s URL handler). I even added it to a Shortcut that I can trigger with LaunchBar. Now I’m a few keystrokes away from turning any page into a note in nvUltra. See the notes on the project page if you happen to be on the nvUltra beta and would like to try this. I’ll even throw in a link to the Shortcut.

Since it’s a compatible URL handler, I also added options for creating Notational Velocity/nvALT links/notes. If this sounds great but you’re not into nvALT/nvUltra, let me know if there’s a note platform you use with a url handler that I could also incorporate. I’m open to making your life simpler.

By the way, if you’re not using Gather via Homebrew, you really should be. Imagine how easy your life would be right now if all you had to do was run brew upgrade gather-cli instead of locating, downloading, and clicking all the install screens for the update…