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Can you not remember things as well as you used to?

TextExpander is a powerful auto-complete tool that also serves as a potent memory aid. For instance, if you code in Swift, TextExpander user Christian Walters has created a handy Snippet Group to automate things like animations, buttons, and ForEach loops. If you want to create a button, simply type swbt and TextExpander handles the rest.

But what if you can’t remember the swbtn abbreviation? No problem. TextExpander’s powerful inline search feature helps you quickly look up the Snippet you need.

Do you sometimes forget names, addresses, and other key bits of information? We all do. Create a TextExpander Snippet for it and give it a name you can easily remember, like “Business Address.” Now you can use TextExpander inline search to quickly pull up and insert that address anywhere you type.

Would you like to know more? Learn about TextExpander best practices to discover the best ways to name and abbreviate your Snippets so they’re always easy to find.

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