I considered calling this post “Gather round for a brew” but I says to myself, I says “dammit, Brett, you’re better than that.”

I knew the best way to distribute my new Gather tool was going to be via Homebrew. No worries about notarization, installing to the wrong folder, or requiring finicky steps from users. But the Homebrew documentation is… intense. I got a little scared at first, but then I found an NSHipster tutorial that made the process super simple. Like five, ten minutes max, plus another five to add it to the build automation for updates. So, as of today, Gather is available for installation via brew.

To install via Homebrew, just run two commands:

brew tap ttscoff/thelab
brew install gather-cli

Done. You’ll have a working copy of gather that you can keep updated using Homebrew. It’s a way better solution than the Package installers, though that option will still be available for those who aren’t brew-savvy.

To learn more about Gather, visit the project page. Oh, and let me know if my brilliant solution doesn’t work for some stupid reason. It’s been one of those weeks.