Over the weekend I weeded out the dead apps on my iTextEditors comparison chart and was surprised to find that over 30 of the 90 editors on the list were no longer available. I figured a few would be gone, but a third of them had gone the way of the dinosaur1.

Perhaps the cream has risen to the top and most people are settling on the leaders of the pack. Maybe there just isn’t that much money to go around in the iOS text editor market. I was definitely sad to see apps like Writing Kit and Trunk Notes call it quits, while some of the others I knew had morphed into different applications (e.g. Daedalus->Ulysses).

So I’d like to ask for the crowd to help me make sure iTextEditors is up to date with your current favorite apps. Check the chart, and if you don’t see yours (or any that you have on your mind at the time), please submit new forms for them. It will help keep this resource going even though Apple has ensured that I don’t personally make any money off it

Thanks in advance, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got!

P.S. please do use the submission form and don’t just name apps in the comments or on Twitter2. I don’t have the bandwidth to track down the details on every editor myself.

  1. Avoiding a Revelation 12:4 reference here… 

  2. I already know this will be commonly disregarded/ignored, but I had to try.