I created the iTextEditors comparison chart (for iOS text editors, obviously) back in 2012. I’ve made some improvements over the years, and kept it up to date thanks to help from readers. I made a change to the chart today that (as a side effect) made it really easy for me to see what apps were no longer available. So I’ve edited it down to only 78 apps to choose from… Oh, and I finally updated the logo, no more iOS 7 keyboard on it.

There have also been many submissions over the last 5 years; new apps, feature updates, and corrections. I don’t mention it frequently, but I do update the chart every time someone submits a form.

If you’re an app developer, make sure your iOS text editor is listed and that the information is correct. If not, let me know! The page gets an impressive thousands of visits every month, so it’s worth it to make sure you’re getting the exposure.

If you’re a user and notice a mistake or omission on your favorite editor, let me know that as well! You can submit a form with just a note, no need to fill out the whole thing for an app that already exists.

I intend to keep this running, and it’s being updated regularly (there’s a date stamp under the chart showing last update). I also hope to finally get around to making a mobile version of it, adding additional criteria/columns, and possibly expanding the idea to categories other than just text editors.

Check out the chart, and help keep it up to date!