I’ve been running iTextEditors (a grid comparison of available iOS text editors) for quite a while now, and am constantly asked what my favorite is in various categories. As far as long-form writing goes, I’m still not ready to make a public declaration (and there are new ones on the horizon that look very promising). As far as picking a personal winner in the note-taking category, though, I’m ready to declare my affections for a single editor that works perfectly in tandem with my nvALT notes collection.


Its search capabilities are the best I’ve seen. It handles title and full text matching, with a good degree of “fuzzy” search forgiveness. The editor has Markdown syntax highlighting and preview, an extra keyboard row for Markdown syntax, and editing features such as smart list continuation.

It can sync with any Dropbox folder, so importing a couple thousand notes from nvALT was seamless, and synced very quickly. Search is faster than any of the others, even with thousands of notes.

There have been some close contenders, which is the reason I’ve always hesitated to make a declaration like this. But 1Writer has developed into a truly great companion for nvALT. I’ll update if others reach its level, but for right now, if you’re an nvALT user or take a lot of notes in general, I highly recommend grabbing it ($2.99 US on iTunes).