Marked 2.5.31 is available via automatic update, the Mac App Store, and Setapp. It’s all fixes this time around, but I took care of a bunch of little bugs.

If you happened to grab the automatic update for the direct version during a brief window where I put out an accidentally-sandboxed version (symptoms include being asked to register again, custom processor permission errors, and a loss of preferences), please download from the website and overwrite the app in your Applications folder. Everything will be fine moving forward!

Marked 2.5.31


  • Header text without footer text causes lines to split across pages in paginated pdf export
  • Invisibles (section headers, synopses, comments) in Fountain script changing pagination behavior
  • More GitHub styling issues (paragraph padding, table cell padding)
  • More Dark Mode compatibility issues
  • Close button on detailed statistics sheet disappears in Dark Mode
  • RTL detection JavaScript in HTML export when RTL detection disabled
  • FontAwesome included in HTML export when not using Leanpub interpreter
  • Syntax Highlighting JavaScript included when highlighting is deselected in export options

Grab the Marked 2 update via your channel of choice and enjoy the smoother sailing!