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iPad Diaries: Using a Mac from iOS, Part 1 - Finder Folders, Siri Shortcuts, and App Windows with Keyboard Maestro
A lot of great tips and tricks from Federico Viticci on creating a tight workflow between Mac and iOS. Of special note to me is the bit about FileExplorer, which I’ve come to love since discovering it in this article.
As a side note, Dr. Drang has a small gripe with FileExplorer vs. FileBrowser.
Matomo: #1 Secure Open Web Analytics Platform
I recently wrote about security and privacy changes on this site, and talked about needing a replacement for Google Analytics on Marked2App.com. Alex pointed out Matomo in the comments and it’s exactly what I needed.
Security Checklist
Pointed out to me by Adam Wood, this is a complete (yet approachable) checklist for staying safe on the internet, as a continuation of the privacy themes I’ve been bringing up lately.
Laziness Does Not Exist
I wish I’d had more teachers who understood mental health the way Devon Price does. As someone who suffers from ADHD and BPD, I often feel “lazy” and consider my procrastination a moral failing. That needs to stop.
Brett’s Top Picks on Amazon
If you’re looking for gifts or just want to splurge on yourself, I’ve compiled an Amazon storefront filled with 70 Top Picks from Systematic (returning from hiatus shortly, if you were wondering…).

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