PodTagger 1.1

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I know a few people are using PodTagger, so I thought I should publish the latest updates. It’s mostly fixes, but it also now adds a “metadata” section at the top of the shownotes.md file that it writes out that looks like:

<!-- Metadata
Duration Seconds: 5243
Duration: 01:27:23
Filesize: 63004650

When I post a Systematic to SquareSpace, this is info I need when setting up the external mp3 link, so I figured I’d just have podtagger figure it out for me. A few more steps saved.

Download below, or check out the PodTagger project page for full details!

PodTagger v1.1.0

Automated ID3 tagging for podcasts

Updated Sun May 06 2016.

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PodTagger.app v1.1.0

An application version of PodTagger

Updated Thu Jun 21 2018.

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