I whipped up a quick bookmarklet this morning that allows you to immediately remove anything on a web page that annoys you. This was inspired by a question from Patrick Ford and that was enforced by my own annoyance with the autoplay videos on Macworld.com that follow you down the page. I love you, Macworld, but those are seriously annoying.

There are extensions that do this, but this was a simple solution. Click the bookmarklet in the menubar, then click anything on the page. Once you click (or hit a key), it turns off, so you don’t risk deleting anything else. It specifically targets the tags div, video, figure, and aside, and iframe. That should cover the majority of annoyances.

The elements only disappear until you reload the page. It’s just a temporary fix to get rid of annoying ads and videos while you spend time reading a page. Instead of running away in disgust, you can just take matters into your own hands.

Unlike Bullseye, this one just uses pure JavaScript with no jQuery, so you don’t have to wait for a double-load or risk a second cross-site exception/protocol mismatch. It’s hosted on my https cloudfront instance, so it should load fine on any site. Tested in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Drag the button below to your menu bar to install, then just click it to start KillZapper, click the annoyance, and presto