I’ve updated the Similarity bookmarklet that I posted yesterday. If you missed it, it’s a bookmarklet for desktop browsers that lets you quickly gather links in “Top X resources for…” type posts. It works on Product Hunt collections, “related posts” boxes, etc. By determining common characteristics of links, it does a pretty good job of only selecting links of the same type as you clicked.

Here’s what changed.

  1. It’s a little more forgiving when finding containers now, so it’s more likely to work with link lists of different formats
  2. It does a better job of fixing line breaks and trailing spaces in titles when generating Markdown lists
  3. It offers an option to open in new tabs or output the Markdown list for copying
  4. It’s back to being hosted remotely, which means it can auto-update as I make changes
    • (I figured out how to get Cloudfront to use Amazon SSL certificates while still pulling http-only from my server)

I think that’s all, just needed a little break and made some quick changes. I did a round of tests and all seems well, but let me know what you run into. Grab the updated bookmarklet below (drag to your bookmarks bar):