This year I Launched the new on a Jekyll platform (I’ve written about a few of my Jekyll adventures). Since then I’ve had a couple of projects ship, so I thought I’d take time to do my yearly review.

The big news for me this year was Marked 2. I’m really happy with the progress it’s made, as well as the sales numbers. I consider it a big success. A barebones repository for Custom Styles got its start as well.

My podcast, Systematic, has been well received and I’ve had a blast talking to a wide range of guests. My favorite part has been the Top 3 Picks every week, which you can get a taste of in the links I scrape out and collect here.

This year saw the advent of Slogger, too. It’s still smoothing out for Mavericks, but the community support has been great.

There were also a couple of releases of nvALT. Not as many as I’d like, but it’s been a busy year.

Mavericks brought some excitement and triggered new versions of existing projects like Planter, the Markdown Service Tools and my TextExpander tools. I also had a lot of fun making the switch from OpenMeta to Mavericks tagging and experimenting with new tools and systems.

I got a little healthier, starting with a new chair and the addition of a walking desk (status update). The benefits almost make up for the unholy amount of time I put into making PopClip Extensions this year.

iTextEditors, my somewhat large comparison chart for iOS text editors saw plenty of updates as the arena continued to fill with competitors.

I created some of my favorite bookmarklets to date this year as well, including GrabLinks, Bullseye, and Marker.

I also snuck in a few reviews, including the end-of-year shebang: A few of my favorite Mac apps in 2013.

Some other clips from the highlight reel:

Not a bad year. If this hasn’t been enough, check out the archives (with keyword search) to see more.